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Best Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine

Best Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine

Are you an expert in athletics? Or a fitness professional in search of effective ways to squeeze out the optimum performance from your body? Unfortunately, the building of muscles requires more than just the usual routine of exercise and diet plans. Most professionals and experts in athletics often utilize advanced procedures such as Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to improve their overall fitness.

This process is aimed at engaging your essential and peripheral muscles with the use of electric impulses or currents. The best of electronic muscle stimulators are the handy electrical devices that are capable of enhancing your levels of strength, fitness, and endurance. In physiotherapy, EMS is known as the modern procedure for managing pains as well as the treatment plans for muscle atrophy.

This article seeks to focus on the concept of EMS machines for fitness experts that are in search of ways to enhance or augment their existing workouts at home. To this end, we’ll also be revealing the hallmarks of the best electronic stimulator as well as the top 5 EMS machines available on the Shophysio website

What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

Generally, electronic muscle stimulation is regarded as an advanced form of muscle therapy that can be offered by the traditional means of therapy. The advancement in technology has given rise to the use of electrical muscle stimulator by fitness experts and athletes as against the conventional method. The device known as electronic muscle stimulator works by sending impulses to the motor nerves of the body while also creating muscle contractions. With this, several muscles in the body engage in workouts, thus increasing muscle strength and endurance.

What are Electrical Muscle Stimulators – and how do they work?

Electrical muscle stimulators are devices that are usually battery powered coupled with rechargeable lithium batteries. These devices usually sport LCD screens while also inputting controls with the help of electrodes. As a result of medical adhesives, it has a pad that has limited use of sticking the device with the skin.

Now that we’ve learned about the concept of electronic muscle stimulation and stimulator, we’ll proceed to highlight the hallmarks of the best stimulators available on the market.

What are the Features of the Best Electronic Muscle Stimulators?

When it comes to shopping for the best electronic muscle stimulators, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration. Here, we’ll be taking a brief look at a few of these factors:

Quality Pads and Electrodes

Whenever you are looking at purchasing the best electronic muscle stimulator, you should consider the ones with electronic pads that are compatible with different sets of muscle groups. Some devices come with more quality pads that can be used in various parts of the body. So, you should replace the adhesives at regular intervals in order to comply with the rules of using the machines.

FDA Approval

fda-logoOf course, this is an essential feature to consider when in search of an electric muscle stimulator. Since these machines carry wires and electric currents, adequate safety and security features are required in order to prevent the occurrences of shocks and burns. FDA has strict regulations in this regard. So, you should purchase products that are certified by the FDA.


Intuitive Controls and Large Displays

Whenever there are lots of settings and presents available to select from, you’ll also need a large LCD that clearly shows all the relevant information. Apart from that, you also need controls that can be grasped easily. The combination of these two features will contribute to a more pleasant experience while using the device.


Top Electronic Muscle Stimulators in 2020

Genesy 3000

globus genesy 3000When it comes to the best EMS, the Genesy 3000 tops the list. The Globus Genesy 3000 boasts of different areas of application. Some of these include pain therapy, functional rehabilitation, antalgic endorphin therapy, paralysis treatment, and so forth. Apart from that, this device is user-friendly and remains one of the safest stimulators to use in any treatment situation. You can find that product on our website here.

Neurodyn II

neurodyn II ibramedNeurodyn II is one of the best electronic stimulators available on our website. This device uses electronic current via the electrodes exerting direct contact on the body of the patient for the purpose of neuromuscular dysfunction therapy. This device has four channeled transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulations coupled with independent intensity controls. The Neurodyn II device can be used for three different electronic therapies such as Functional Electronic Stimulations (FES), Transcutaneous Electronic Stimulation (TES), and Russian Current (Burst Modulated Medium Frequency). Visit our website to learn more about this device.

Globus Genesy 1100

globus genesys 1100 The Globus Genesy 1100 is another dynamic simulator that is professionally used by athletics and fitness experts. Globus Genesy 1100 outsmarts others in its handiness and functions in a wide range of ways. Some of the areas of functionality of this device include medical therapies, rehabilitation, and alleviation of pains (TENS). Apart from that, it also functions in Russian, interferential, and microcurrents. With its constant current generation of 120mA at 2000 Ohm, this device boast of a bright backlight display. This particular stimulator is FDA approved and certified with a total of 250 programmable protocols. Get to know more about this device here.

Neurodyn Aussie Sport Electronic Muscle Stimulator

neurodyn aussie ibramedThe Neurodyn Aussie Sport makes the third position when it comes to the best electronic muscle stimulators available on the market today. This device exerts current on the patient using electrodes. It uses microcomputer technologies and functions as a transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulator. Neyrodyn Aussie is a four channeled stimulator and has independent controls for current therapies. This electronic stimulating device has a waveform which makes it more comfortable when compared with other traditional stimulations. Therefore, the stimulus it exerts on patients makes every session more enjoyable. Get to know more about this device here!

Globus Premium Sport Muscle Stimulator

globus-fitnessThe Globus Premium Sport Muscle Stimulator also makes the list of the best electronic muscle stimulators on the market in 2020. It brings about very fast muscle recovery. This device is tested and trusted and will make you recover within minutes and not days. Apart from that, this device is also pocket-friendly and gives you the best experience you’ll imagine possible from an EMS. Discover more about this device here.


Which is the best EMS device to purchase in 2020?

There’s no doubt, there is an absolutely clear divide in the market of electronic muscle stimulators. While some models are entirely geared towards athletes and fitness experts, others mainly focus on the development of nerves rather than muscles.

Whichever one you choose in the end will entirely depend on your lifestyle requirements. However, you should keep in mind that these devices are similar to purchasing a glucometer, used to monitor blood sugar levels. You should also consider purchasing replacement pads at regular intervals to ensure you get the best results from your device.

So, consider long term expenses whenever you are in the market searching for the best electronic stimulator for you. You can see the full range of EMS models available on the Shophysio site here at our EMS devices page.