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How Much Does an Ultrasound Machine Cost?


The use of ultrasound systems is unavoidable in the healthcare system. Considering the safety, ease of accessibility, and non-invasiveness of the ultrasound machines, all these factors contribute to the ubiquitous use of ultrasound machines in the healthcare system.

Interestingly, ultrasound machines have been adopted in a wide range of applications, including diagnostics, aesthetics, and therapies. With the extensive scope of these devices, ultrasound machines can cater for a wide range of resolutions, portabilities as well as budgetary requirements. Consequently, these machines are made in a variety of costs and size ranges depending on your budget.

The advancement in scientific research has made significant contributions to the tremendous increase in the quality of imaging and falling of prices. Apart from that, even portable machines that were believed to provide mediocre functions are now functioning properly in terms of the image qualities in spite of reduced sizes and increased level of portability.

Considering the range of ultrasound equipment now available in the market today, it could turn out becoming a challenging task to research the cost of each of these machines. In order to make your task much more comfortable, here is a simple guide with comprehensive information on the costs of ultrasound machines.

Are you a patient planning to undergo ultrasound procedures? Do you own a large healthcare facility? Here, we’ll be revealing the cost of ultrasound machines and a few of the factors to consider when purchasing an ultrasound machine. Let’s get started!

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Ultrasound Machine

The cost of ultrasound machines depend on a wide range of factors. Some of these include the model, brand, age, functionality, applications, and so forth. So, before diving into the cost of ultrasound machines at Shophysio, let’s take a look at a few of these factors:

Brand and Model

When it comes to ultrasound machines, the world-renowned brands are said to be more costly and expensive. However, this solely depends on the kind of model or how novel it appears. Since newer models are produced with advanced levels of technology and expertise coupled with advanced features and functionalities, this makes newer models more expensive than others.

However, you should make it a point of duty to know how old a given model is. This is due to the difficulty in getting replacement parts specifically for older models as a result of discontinuation in production. Of course, newer brands and models are more expensive than older ones.

As a side note, this is one of the many reasons we don’t typically recommend purchasing a used ultrasound machine; if it’s old you might struggle to find replacement parts for it, and often it’s hard to know what kind of condition the internal components are in.

Machine Age

Naturally, brand new ultrasound machines are found to be more expensive than used or refurbished ones. The higher the number of years an ultrasound machine has spent determines the price.


Functionality and Application


Ultrasound machines that caters for a diverse range of applications and functionalities provide a relatively high degree of flexibility. Hence, this contributes to making the price higher than others with few areas of functionalities. The range of features, as well as the functionality of an ultrasound machine, is also a factor that significantly influences the price tag.

Warranty and Maintenance

In some scenarios, costs of maintenance are included in the price of ultrasound machines. However, most suppliers and manufacturers, by default, offer a warranty for a specific period. For instance, some warranties may be between the ranges of 3-5 years.

Apart from the factors highlighted earlier, the cost of ultrasound machines also depends on whether the device is used, new, or refurbished. Here, we’ll be revealing a few of our new ultrasound machines at Shophysio. With this, you’ll get a feel for the range of prices of ultrasound machines.


The Best Ultrasound Machines to Purchase

Sonopulse III Ibramed - Ultrasound Device of 1MHz and 3 MHz

sonopulse-3The optimum output of Sonopulse III Ultrasound Device is 21 watts. The emission mode of this device can be adjusted. It also features a key known as PROG, which gives room for the pre-programmed treatment programs that are recorded in the memory of the device. Sonopulse III Ibramed ultrasound device is currently valued at $899.00 on our website.Sonopulse III is a multi-controlled therapeutic ultrasound machine with frequencies of 1 MHz and 3 MHz, mainly manufactured for use in both aesthetics and physiotherapy. This ultrasound equipment comes with an Effective Radiation Area (ERA), and this offers the machine the selection of frequencies between 1 and 3 MHz.



Sonopulse Compact 3 Ibramed - Ultrasound device of 3 MHz


Sonopulse Compact 3 MHz is a therapeutisonopulse-compact-3c ultrasound device multi-controlled equipment produced and designed for physical rehabilitation and aesthetic treatments. It comes with a transducer coupled with an Effective Radiation Area (ERA) of 7 cm2. Apart from that, it also has a frequency of 3 MHz as well as an optimum power output of 21 watts. The ultrasound mode of emission of this device can be adjusted to both pulsed and continuous. While the pulse emission mode offers a pulse repetition frequency of 100 Hz, 48 Hz or 16 Hz, the pulse ratio offers 50% and 20%. Currently, the price of the Sonopulse Compact 3 MHz ultrasound device is valued at a very affordable price of $599.00.

Final Note - Investing in the right Ultrasound Machine

The use of ultrasound equipment and techniques in the detection and treatment of medical issues remains indispensable in the present world. Even, it is considered safer than harmful radiology screening.

More so, ultrasound techniques will play significant roles in the healthcare system as the sector continues to witness various technological advancements. This, in turn, further broadens the scope of application of these devices.

Of course, you can see that the costs of ultrasound machines vary significantly. Whether it is economy, or mid-range or high-end, there is no doubt you’ll find equipment that fits into your budgetary requirements. However, you also need to consider other additional costs like installation, training, delivery, and accessories.

In order to help you equip your practice with the right ultrasound equipment that perfectly fits with your budgetary and clinical requirements, we offer an inventory of advanced and cutting edge ultrasound equipment from leading manufacturers in the healthcare industry. Visit our inventory of ultrasound equipment on our website where we offer free shipping on select products and are more than happy to answer your questions should you have any.