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Tenlax: Electrical Stimulation for Pain Relief at Home

If pain is routine for you, you must be familiar with the techniques to minimize the discomfort, right? What, maybe, you didn’t know about yet was that therapy with electrical stimulation might be a great ally for pain relief.

Tenlax: The Portable TENS Unit

The Tenlax TENS is an efficient way to treat pain and some common injuries at home. The equipment uses the TENS technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to provide quick temporary relief of arthritis, joint, muscle, and back pain through electronic nerve stimulation. Once you identify pain signals, you can easily relax the affected area by using your portable device.

TENS therapy has been clinically proven to be safe and effective in pain management, helping people to overcome some physical issues and also to recover faster from intense athletic training.

 A little bit more about the device: the Tenlax’s convenience

Already in love with the Tenlax TENS? Well get ready to fall even deeper because we know a few more reasons that will reinforce your decision to get one. The device is:

  • wireless and charged with USB;
  • compact and lightweight;
  • powerful and efficient, maximizing pain relief and recovery.


Ready to try your new equipment? Just remember that Tenlax TENS provides quick temporary pain relief and should not be used to cure or prevent any medical conditions. Know the nature of your pain by consulting a doctor or a physical therapist.

At, you can find everything you need to self-care, from training to recovery. Count on us to improve your performance and improve your pain management!