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Kineo Pulley Squat

Kineo Pulley Squat

by Kineo

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The Kineo Pulley Squat combines the versatility of the free Pulley cable and the stability of the Squat platform. The two workstations allow the user to do a wide range of t...

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The Kineo Pulley Squat combines the versatility of the free Pulley cable and the stability of the Squat platform. The two workstations allow the user to do a wide range of total body exercises.

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Kineo Pulley Squat

Sports functional training.

Neuromuscular control


Power training

The Kineo Pulley Squat combines the versatility of the free Pulley cable and the stability of the Squat platform. The two workstations allow the user to do a wide range of total body exercises. It analyzes the movement 500 times per second to let the user control the execution of the exercise and to make the necessary corrections to reach the goal. Through Kineo is possible to assess the user’s physical fitness or determine the extent of his/her physiotherapeutic condition. Kineo is the first workout station to offer comprehensive eccentric strength assessments in complete safety. Get to know more here!

Actions and Benefits

Kineo squat

It allows athletes to work on their lower body muscles in a closed chain, both when leaning or jumping against it, also varying the load between concentric and eccentric phases.

Kineo Pulley

It gives access on a wide range of exercises designed to train meticulously the muscles of torso, lower and upper limbs. Exercises can also be performed varying the loads between eccentric and concentric phases.

Intelligent Vertical Jump

Your power jump training to the next level.

Run and Control training

Control it up to 5 m.

Kineo evaluation system

Physiotherapists and trainers can evaluate the static and dynamic conditions of a subject for evaluation and diagnostic purposes after an injury.

Eccentric Squat training

Injury prevention and neuromuscular training. All in one.

Sport-specific training

Improve your functional strength.

Hyper-body Viscous Training

Biceps/triceps hypertrophy work.

kineo multistation eps
  • - The first intelligent robot machine that allows the user to adjust the weight load between the eccentric and the concentric phases of your workout.
  • - In functional recovery training, Kineo will use its built-in motor to adjust the weight progressively during the eccentric phase (elastic) of the movement, thus avoiding overloading your joints at the most unfavorable angles.
  • - Viscous method for pain-free recovery. Just like working in water, the subject can manage the speed of movement and produce the maximum possible strength without exceeding the pain threshold.
  • - Biofeedback in real-time develops proprioceptive skills by improving motor control and coordination.
  • - Core training.
  • - Wi-fi connected and 12" touch screen display.
  • - Unlimited training and data storage
  • - 2 USB-socket connection
  • - Premium quality Italian leather


3.0 Version

Training methods included:

  • - Isotonic WIT (Concentric and Eccentric)
  • - Isotonic NIT (Concentric and Eccentric)
  • - Elastic (Concentric and Eccentric)

Dynamic test included:

  • - Concentric Max Strength
  • - Eccentric Max Strength
  • - Power Test
7.0 Version (Full)

Training methods included:

  • - Isotonic WIT (Concentric and Eccentric with inertia training)
  • - IsotonicNIT (Concentric and Eccentric with no inertia training)
  • - Elastic (Concentric and Eccentric)
  • - Viscous (Concentric and Eccentric with 6 viscousity levels)
  • - Isometric
  • - Isokinetic
  • - Variable load (Concentric and Eccentric)
  • - Over Load Jump

Tests included:

  • Dynamic tests:
    • - Concentric Max Strength
    • - Eccentric Max Strength
    • - Concentric Balance
    • - Eccentric Balance
    • - Power Test
  • Isometric Tests:
    • - Max Strength
    • - Balance test
  • Isokinetic Tests:
    • - Max Strength
    • - Balance Test
    • - Jump Power

What professionals have to say about Kineo?

"Kineo stimulates not only the muscle system but also the motor pattern of the whole central nervous system. Kineo permits to check each repetition and make an immediate assessment of work quality."

Ruben Oscar Argemi
Physiologist Medical Doctor – Boca Juniors Lab known in the world of sports as the director of the Boca Lab (Boca Juniors) made more than 500 national lectures and more than 1,000 international lectures.

Ruben Oscar Argemi
Gian Nicola Bisciotti
"Kineo is not a machine but a methodology that can be used at any sports level. Kineo is one of the most effective novelties in sports technology, because it combines extreme effectiveness and great simplicity of use. With Kineo, the data obtained from the test is immediately ready to be used."

Gian Nicola Bisciotti
Injured players recovery manager – FC Internazionale – Mr. Bisciotti wrote 15 books and more than 350 articles on athletic preparation, physiology, biomechanics and rehabilitation.

"Kineo lets you organize the work in a focused way, thanks to the different contraction patterns that can be used and to the variable load, with everything under control thanks to the instant feedback. The assessment tests permit to check the measured values easily with one single machine and to collect a substantial amount of data."

Gianpaolo Boschetti
Graduated in Massage Physiotherapy and Sports Science, in 2012 set up PhisioHP, where he works on athletic preparation and functional recovery. He also worked two years with the Italian Beach Volley national team winning 3 world medals.

Gianpaolo Boschetti
Dr. Bob Chen
“Kineo is a special machine because it allows to make an accurate evaluation of the athlete and to use the most suitable working method to solve every specific problem.”

Dr. Bob Chen
Responsible for the physical rehabilitation of the Chinese Basketball Association and the China Golf Association. Having gained years of experience in the clinical field, Dr. Chen founded the “Dr. Chen Sports Training and Rehab Center” which is dedicated to rehabilitation, training, health and postural correction.

Kineo Olympic Team

Athletes from all over the world who have participated in the Olympic / world championship or who have won a national championship in their discipline using Globus products.

Aleksandar Atanasijevic

Aleksandar Atanasijevic

Volley Serbia
  • - 1 European Championship
  • - 2 National Championship (SRB/ IT)
  • - 3 times top scorer (Italian Championship)
Lorenzo Bernardi

Lorenzo Bernardi

Volley Italy
  • - Olympic Silver Medalist
  • - 2 World Championship
  • - 3 European Championship
  • - 5 World League
Luciano De Cecco

Luciano De Cecco

Volley Argentina
  • - 2 National Championship (AR/ IT)
  • - 3 National Cup (IT)
Bruno De Rezende

Bruno De Rezende

Volley Brazil
  • - Olympic Gold Medalist (Best Setter)
  • - Olympic Silver Medalist
  • - World Championship Gold Medalist 4 World League (Best Setter) 1 CEV Champions League 8 National Championship (6 BRA/ 2 IT)
Nicholas Hoag


Volley Canada
  • - 1 Norceca Championship (2 Time MVP)
  • - 3 National Championship (FR)
Maxwell Philip Holt

Maxwell Philip Holt

Volley USA
  • - Olympic Bronze Medalist
  • - World Championshop Bronze Medalist
  • - 1 World League (best middle blocker)
  • - 1 CEV Champions League
Sjoerd Hoogendoorn

Sjoerd Hoogendoorn

Volley Holland
  • - 1 National Championship (NED)
  • - 1 National Cup (IT)
Filippo Lanza


Volley Italy
  • - Olympic Silver Medalist
  • - Mediterranean Games Gold Medalist
  • - 2 FIVB Club World Championship
  • - 2 National Championship (IT)
Marko Podrascanin

Marko Podrascanin

Volley Serbia
  • - World Championship Bronze Medalist
  • - 1 World League (Best Middle Blacker)
  • - 1 CEV Champions League (3 Times Best Middle Blocker)
  • - 4 National Championship (1SRB / 3IT)
Wilfredo Leon Venero

Wilfredo Leon Venero

Volley Cuba
  • - World Championship Silver Medalist
  • - 7 National Championship (3 CUB/4RUS)
  • - 4 CEV Champions League (4 time best outside spiker)
  • - 1 FIVB Club World Championship
  • - 1 National Cup (IT)

Technical Information

  • Brand name: Kineo
  • Model: Pulley Squat
  • Quantity: 01
  • Item color: Blue and grey
  • Product dimensions (with squat platform): 177 x 90 x 184 cm
  • Item weight: 300 kg
  • Electric motor: nominal power 1.6 kW (230V – 8A – 50Hz)
  • Cable max extraction: 4 m (up to 5 m with dedicated accessory)
  • Min/Max Pulley loads: 1-110 kg
  • Min/Max Isokinetic speeds: 0,1 – 5 m/s
  • Certificate: CE


  • 01 Kineo Pulley Squat
  • 01 Squat
  • 01 High Pulley
  • 01 Low Pulley


  • - This product, as well as parts of it, may change (including colors) without notice from the manufacturer.
  • - Images are for illustration purposes only.
  • - The video refers to the Kineo line in general.