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Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS)

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Electrical muscle stimulators and equipment offer health benefits for recovery, physical therapy and much more.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation, also known as EMS, units are designed to contract and treat the muscles themselves regarding swelling or inflammation, stimulating blood circulation, and overall strengthening. 

What is EMS?

EMS devices are typically used for the rehabilitation of muscles after an injury or for athletic training, not solely for pain relief like a TENS unit.

The device sends an electrical signal to your muscles and causes a contraction for the purpose of exercising and building muscles. It’s the same electric signal your brain would send to your muscles to make them contract when your exercising or lifting weights.

How does an EMS device work? 

The EMS device comes with electrodes which are placed on the skin over the muscle that you want to stimulate. An electrical charge is sent into the muscle charging the muscle’s fibers and causing a muscle contraction. As we stated previously, this is the same action muscles experience during exercise and motion. So, it is essentially exercising your muscles as if you were sending the signal for the muscle to contract yourself. This is different from a TENS unit because TENS machines do not cause the muscle to contract.

What is an EMS Device Used For?

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is commonly used in physical therapy in order to treat swelling and inflammation which can put a strain on both the muscles themselves and their supporting joints. By reducing inflammation, these units assist in restoring muscle function and in preventing the joints from becoming dislocated by strained muscles.

Physical therapists and doctors typically recommend EMS units to their patients for muscular pain relief. EMS devices are known to reduce muscle spasms and edema, which are the most common causes of muscle pain, discomfort, and loss of function. They are also used in clinical settings to encourage greater healing by stimulating blood flow and improving range of motion.

Athletes can also use EMS machines for strength training; they can continue their workout even when they’re not in the gym. EMS units allow them to contract the muscle for longer periods of time without getting fatigued. This is commonly used in elite athletes, like Olympians, to help them train.

EMS units are especially helpful for increasing blood circulation in the back and neck because these areas tend to suffer from more tension than the rest of the body. Bad posture, carrying heavy bags, and stress are all contributing factors. EMS machines are beneficial because they’re often able to ease that muscle tension and strain and help reduce the stiffness in joints and muscles that can cause restrictions in motion. 

You might use an EMS unit for your patient if:

  • They suffer from muscle spasms
  • Have poor blood circulation,
  • Suffer from muscle atrophy due to disuse
  • Their muscles need additional stimulation
  • Their muscles are weak and/or lack tone
  • They’ve lost range of motion due to an injury or illness

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