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TENS Units

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The Neurodyn Portable by Ibramed is strong, portable, and capable of strongly stimulating the muscle's nerve fibers. It is commonly used for symptomatic relief and chronic pain treatment, among other uses. TENS units can be used in orthopedic physiotherapy, traumatology, rehabilitation, and many other disciplines. 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS, is a pain relief treatment alternative that uses electrical currents to help relieve pain. The electrical currents that are transmitted through the unit intercept pain signals in your body from reaching the brain and promote the release of endorphins in the body to naturally relieve pain.

Because this process does not involve using or taking drugs it is a completely safe and non-habit forming alternative for your pain relief and eliminates the risk of addiction.

TENS Unit Benefits: How Does It Work?

A TENS unit uses electricity at very low voltage levels to confuse and distract the pain signals in the body. This is effective because the pain signals in your body are also electrical currents so the TENS unit cancels out that current. Through this process the brain does not receive the pain signal thus it’s as though it never existed and you won’t feel the pain. 

The electrical currents are transferred through electrodes that are placed where you’re experiencing the most pain. So wherever it is that you’re feeling pain place the devices’ electrodes there and then the TENS unit will do the rest. The relief might be temporary but it is highly effective. 

TENS units are commonly used on several different types of muscle, nerve, and back pain including lower back pain, disc pain, and sciatica. 

You can adjust the settings of your TENS device to match your own personal preferences to target your pain; the TENS unit can send different strength signals and various wavelengths to the body. Please be aware that the electrodes can be placed anywhere on the body besides the head and upper neck area.

TENS Therapy Through Shophysio

Because of its muscle pain relieving impulses, TENS therapy is the perfect solution for sore muscles and to reduce any pain you may feel from athletic performance, nerve disorder, chronic health conditions, and everyday stress. 

There are many benefits to TENS therapy. It can be used at home or on the go as it is very convenient, portable, and requires no doctor or hospital visits. You can use a TENS unit as often as you need to and over time you only need to replace the electrodes. An average treatment session should last between 10-40 minutes and it is recommended that you use your muscle stimulator a minimum of 20 minutes to achieve results but not more that 60 minutes on the same area to prevent muscle fatigue. Additionally, it is recommended that you use your device 1 to 3 times per day for best results. 

The muscle stimulation targets specific muscle groups so you can get stronger,

recover faster, and feel better. The Neurodyn Portable by Ibramed is FDA approved and has numerous modes, including:

  • TENS – conventional, acupuncture, brief and intense.
  • TENS VIF – TENS with automatic variation of intensity and frequency
  • TENSB TENS BURST - modulated TENS in pulse sequence of 2Hz
  • FESR FES – reciprocal with automatic variation of intensity and frequency

Additional benefits include:

  • Small, light and works with battery, being widely used in household attendances.
  • Programming via keyboard that generates digitalized information and offers data reliability.